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Fin of the Week! April 20, 2018

Variable Lance Length Aluminum Heat Transfer Fin

  Every Friday, we are bringing you our “Fin of the Week”!  Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to get the latest news and updates. “Fin of the Week”: Variable Lance Length Aluminum Fin Material:  Aluminum Thickness : 0.006″ Fin Height: 0.275″ Fins per Inch: 12   Lanced-Offset Heat Transfer Fin Terminology     Lanced/Offset Heat…

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Fin of the Week! – March 9, 2018

fins for heat transfer

  Every Friday, we are bringing you our “Fin of the Week”!  Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to get the latest news and updates. March 9, 2018 “Fin of the Week”:  1/8″ Lanced Offset Fin      Configuration: 1/8 Lanced Offset Material Type: Aluminum Material Thickness: 0.008″ Fin Height: 0.379″…

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A Leader in Fin Manufacturing

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As a leading fin manufacturer, Robinson Fin Machines, Inc. is responsible for the manufacturing of folded metal parts, called fins, used to transfer heat to or from gases or liquids.  Fins are used in various applications to ensure the increase of heat transfer various surfaces.  When a fin is exposed to a fluid that either cools…

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Heat Transfer Fins

  Heat Transfer: Robinson Fin Manufacturing Robinson Fin Machines, is located in the heart of Hardin County, Ohio.  We are leading the way in fin manufacturing with customizable folded fins used for heat transfer applications.  Since 1983, Robinson Fin Machines has serviced clients from across the United States to global clients.  The folded heat transfer…

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