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Heat Transfer Fins


heat transfer fin

Robinson Fin Machines is a fin manufacturer that creates heat transfer fins.

Heat Transfer: Robinson Fin Manufacturing

Robinson Fin Machines, is located in the heart of Hardin County, Ohio.  We are leading the way in fin manufacturing with customizable folded fins used for heat transfer applications.  Since 1983, Robinson Fin Machines has serviced clients from across the United States to global clients.  The folded heat transfer fins we sell are used in various industries such as: aerospace, medical equipment, automotive, audio, and electronics.  You can buy fins for heat transfer here!

Why are Fins Important for Heat Transfer?

According to the fin definition from Wikipedia:

“In the study of heat transferfins are surfaces that extend from an object to increase the rate of heat transfer to or from the environment by increasing convection. The amount of conductionconvection, or radiation of an object determines the amount of heat it transfers. Increasing the temperature gradient between the object and the environment, increasing the convection heat transfer coefficient, or increasing the surface area of the object increases the heat transfer. Sometimes it is not feasible or economical to change the first two options. Thus, adding a fin to an object, increases the surface area and can sometimes be an economical solution to heat transfer problems.”



Buy Thermal Products: Heat Transfer Fins

Robinson Fin Machines is a thermal company that manufactures custom folded fins for heat transfer applications in various industries. We have the technical abilities, personnel, and equipment resources to meet your specific thermal product needs. If your company is looking to buy fins for heat transfer, please contact Robinson Fin for more information!

There are many types of fins used in different types of heat transfer.  Robinson Fin has fins designed for almost any type of heat transfer application. Robinson Fin Machines manufacture folded metal fins that are needed for heat transfer.  Check out our plain folded fin, lanced & louvered fin, or our ruffled & herringbone fin or contact us for a custom design!

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